10 things to do before you die

On the podcast, Bradley and Dean talked about the 10 things they want to achieve before they die. It was more of a life goal-setting exercise rather than a bucket list. But was an interesting podcast to tune into. The themes were family, freedom, personal achievements or fri...
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Important things you need to know for Death Certificates

At Gateway Funeral Services, we understand that many people are unfamiliar with the process of obtaining a death certificate and the significance behind it. We believe it is crucial to be aware of the following key points:Understanding the Death Certificate:Familiarise yours...
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Aquamarine: A Gentle Alternative to Fire Cremation with Environmental Benefits

A funeral director in Townsville Australia has designed and recently patented his own aquamating machine “The Gentle Way”. Dean was in Christchurch recently checking out a funeral home down there preparing a new facility for the arrival of an aquamator at some point in t...
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What does the New Zealand, Australian and USA funeral industry have in common?

Our latest podcast on Celebrating Good Lives discussed "What does the New Zealand, Australia and USA funeral industry have in common?"This was an awesome podcast session with special guest Hayley Waugh discussing everything from cremation, burial, coroners and everything in ...
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