Honouring Tradition and Providing a Place of Remembrance

Burial stands as the most traditional and widely recognised method of laying a loved one to rest in New Zealand. In the past, it was the prevailing choice among families, offering a tangible gravesite for visitation and remembrance. There are a number of options for Burial in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

For many individuals and families, the significance of having a physical grave to visit holds deep meaning and provides a sense of connection to their departed loved one. This opportunity for regular visitation and tending to the gravesite offers solace and comfort during the grieving process.

Cultural and faith-based considerations also play a significant role in the preference for burial. Some beliefs emphasise the importance of the body remaining intact in preparation for the afterlife, making burial the preferred choice for those adhering to such traditions.

It is essential to recognise that, in most cases, burial tends to be more costly compared to cremation. The expenses associated with preparing the burial site, casket selection, grave digging, and ongoing maintenance contribute to the overall cost. However, the emotional value and significance placed on burial often outweigh the financial considerations for many families.

For Burial in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, we offer several locations for public burials, providing peaceful and well-maintained resting places for your loved ones. Your funeral director will discuss these options with you, assist in obtaining necessary burial warrants, and handle all the required paperwork.

We understand the importance of honouring tradition and respecting your beliefs and cultural practices when it comes to burial. Our compassionate team is here to support you every step of the way and ensure that the burial arrangements are carried out with utmost care and reverence.

Please feel free to reach out to us for guidance and assistance as we navigate this meaningful journey together.

Burial in the Eastern Bay of Plenty Options

There are a number of cemeteries in the Eastern Bay of Plenty to choose from. Including Whakatane - Taneatua – Waimana – Kawerau – Awakaponga – Opotiki Lawn – and Opotiki Woodlands.