Flowers have long been regarded as a meaningful way to express sentiments and bring comfort during sombre moments. When choosing flowers for a tribute, you have the opportunity to convey your emotions and create a visual representation of your love and respect.

Floral Arrangements

In recent years, sympathy arrangements have expanded to include a wide variety of flowers and colours, allowing for more personalised and expressive tributes. Whether you prefer classic blooms or unique floral combinations, the choice is yours to create a tribute that truly reflects your feelings and pays homage to your loved one.

We can provide flowers in any way, shape or form you decide. The flowers on top of the casket can sometimes represent who a person was. For example, if they liked the bush and native scenery, the incorporation of ferns and native flaxes can be done; or if your loved one was an avid flower grower, or maybe had a special vegetable garden, these are all things that can be incorporated into a floral tribute.

If you’re thinking about adding a floral tribute, head to Bouquet Floral Studio,, for some inspiration or talk to your funeral director and they will help guide you to create a stunning arrangement for your loved one.