We understand the importance of accessing financial support during this challenging time, and our goal is to assist you with funeral payments to navigate the available options. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions and ensure that your loved one receives a dignified and meaningful farewell.


The funeral account is usually given out when the death certificate arrives.

You will receive an estimate of costs at the time of the funeral arrangement. It is given to the person who has signed the indemnity form for us to supply the funeral services and is due for payment within fourteen (14) working days from the time of issue. 

The funeral payment is made up of our professional service fee, the selected merchandise, and any other charges that you have chosen. 

There is a deposit due before the funeral service takes place and this is purely to cover costs that we must outlay on your behalf. This may include cemetery, crematorium, flowers, catering, death certificate or other incidentals. The funeral payment deposit will vary depending on choices and could be as low as $100. 

We accept payments via, cash, eftpos, credit card or bank transfer. 

Breakdown of a Funeral Invoice

Ever wondered what makes up a funeral invoice? 💸

Dean has put together a quick video to explain the details and what all the costs mean. Let's demystify the funeral costs for you. And we are always here ready to answer your questions. 🕊️

Supporting Families in Times of Need

There are a few places that provide financial assistance to families who have suffered a loss of a loved one. 

Compassionate Airfares

We understand that during difficult times, it may be necessary for immediate family members living out of town to travel to another location to attend a funeral service. To help ease the financial burden associated with such travel, some airlines offer compassionate air fares.

Compassionate air fares provide a reduction on full or higher priced fares, making it more affordable for family members to attend the funeral service. It is important to note that these fares may not apply to lower priced fares that are already below the compassionate airfare level.

Typically, the family member applies for a refund after completing their travel. This process usually involves submitting the necessary forms, which may require a letter from the funeral home confirming the deceased and the relationship of the applicant. Our compassionate funeral directors are here to assist you with this process, providing the support and guidance you need during this time.

We understand that attending a funeral service is a deeply important and meaningful way to pay tribute to your loved one. We are dedicated to supporting you and your family in every way possible, including exploring options for compassionate air fares and assisting you with the required paperwork.

ACC Funeral Grant

In the unfortunate event of a loved one's passing due to an injury, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) offers assistance towards the costs associated with the burial or cremation and related ceremonies. The ACC Funeral Grant is available for both New Zealand residents and overseas visitors to New Zealand.

It is important to note that the funeral does not necessarily have to take place in New Zealand, and the grant can also be utilised for memorial costs if the body is not recovered. This support aims to alleviate some of the financial burdens during this challenging time.

Gateway Funeral Services is here to provide you with guidance and assistance regarding the specific services available to you. Our compassionate team is knowledgeable about the ACC Funeral Grant and can offer advice to help you navigate through the process.

To learn more about the ACC Funeral Grant, please click on the ACC link below.

Work and Income Funeral Grant

When a loved one passes away, the financial burden of funeral payments can add to the emotional stress you may be experiencing. Work and Income New Zealand provides a funeral grant to help alleviate some of the costs associated with a funeral.

A funeral grant can assist in covering various expenses related to the funeral service. Gateway Funeral Services is here to provide you with advice and assistance regarding the specific services available to you. Our compassionate team is knowledgeable about the Work and Income Funeral Grant and can offer guidance throughout the process.

To learn more about the Work and Income Funeral Grant, we invite you to click on the Work and Income NZ link below. Alternatively, you can speak directly with our team members who are ready to provide the information you need.

Please feel free to reach out to us at Gateway Funeral Services for further assistance. We are here to support you and provide the necessary guidance, helping you navigate the funeral payment process and ease some of the financial burdens associated with funeral expenses.