Eco-friendly cremation

Aquamarine: A Gentle Alternative to Fire Cremation with Environmental Benefits

A funeral director in Townsville Australia has designed and recently patented his own aquamating machine “The Gentle Way”. Dean was in Christchurch recently checking out a funeral home down there preparing a new facility for the arrival of an aquamator at some point in their in their Journey.

The Townsville machine appears that it's going to be cheaper based on the fact that they have had pre-orders. It must be pretty fail-safe that this is going to work and it's going to be 

affordable. Aquamating is the future of cremation and it will appeal to a particular market. We haven't got plans yet to use this as a service but watch this space. 

Aquamating is a unique process that replaces traditional fire cremation with a water-based method, significantly reducing pollution and environmental impact.

The Gentle Way process involves using water, pH, and alkaline solutions over an approximate 8-hour period. This gentle and eco-friendly approach contrasts with the high temperatures and carbon emissions associated with traditional cremation methods. In fact, the average crematorium can emit around 600,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide into the air each year through fire cremations alone.

According to statistics from the Bureau of Statistics, in 2020 alone, 110,372 people were cremated in Australia, resulting in a staggering 4,548,800 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions per year. These significant carbon emissions are equivalent to driving a car from Melbourne to Perth, totalling about 40 million kilograms of carbon annually. In contrast, The Gentle Way system produces zero emissions, making it an environmentally friendly choice. 

The benefits of Aquamating go beyond environmental considerations. The system incorporates a water treatment plant that allows backflush of the system. This process collects DNA build-up from the filtration system, which is then placed in a pod that drops into a plant or tree. This living presence, known as “The Tree of Life,” serves as a meaningful tribute and connection to your loved one.

With Aquamating, you receive your loved one’s remains in an urn, just like in a traditional cremation. However, the process is carried out without any harmful environmental impact. Aquamating offers a gentler alternative, both for your loved one and for our planet.

To learn more about the Gentle Way System try here: https://www.thegentleway.com.au.