Life Goals before you pass away

10 things to do before you die

On the podcast, Bradley and Dean talked about the 10 things they want to achieve before they die. It was more of a life goal-setting exercise rather than a bucket list. But was an interesting podcast to tune into. The themes were family, freedom, personal achievements or friends. 

Check out the lists:


Brad didnt quite make 10 but his goals are pretty lofty!

  1. Financial freedom - is not about a $ figure it's about being able to do what I want, how I want, when I want without the measure of money. Money allows you to have choices. Striving toward this has always been a thing for me. It gives me personal control over your life.

  2. I'm passionate about Rugby League - so I'd love to go to a deciding game for the State of Origin at MCG with say 90,000 people “Let’s go the Maroons!”.

  3. I'd like to revisit a couple of important places, Thailand and the Greek islands. Santorini for the light and sunsets. Thailand for the beaches markets and alleyways. 

  4. Live in a lifestyle block on the beach in Matata, Thornton, or Waiotahi with a couple of acres.

  5. Create a platform that influences people and becomes a phenomenon that people talk about and people love it. Maybe it's my podcast studio. Putting something together that people like and want is pretty fulfilling. 

  6. Influence the next generation of Funeral Directors - having been a funeral director for 12 years I want to use this career and platform to demonstrate values and traditions for the upcoming directors so they understand where they come from in the industry and be cutting-edge and modern. 

  7. Give back to a community in need particularly for the community of Fiji.

  8. Create a legacy of giving to our local community - we have a fund with the Eastern Bay Community Foundation that we give monthly. In a few years, this will have a lot of money that can be used to help support the community. The goal is to get the staff together to find a real local cause to support that aligns with our views.


  1. Challenging myself - stepping out of my comfort zone - and public speaking. 

  2. Travel - being from the US I would love to do a road trip through the states for the monuments, state parks, stadiums, concerts, and baseball games. I haven’t seen that much of it so would like to experience it with my kids maybe when they are 12-13. 

  3. Visit the Greek Islands, Pacific Islands or Japan with my wife.

  4. Making it to a major sporting events like the Superbowl in Miami, or Sunday at the Masters at Augusta Georgia. 

  5. Experience off-the-grid living.

  6. Make a difference, be a mentor or inspiration.

  7. Try different work step outside of my career and do something else. 

  8. Genuinely surprise someone - travel across the world and surprise them!

  9. Legacy - leave a platform for my kids to take off from - own a home and have a stable financial platform for my kid.

  10. I want to experience proof about ghosts and entities - have an out-of-body experience before I die.

What are your top ten goals for life? How are you celebrating your life right now?